What is your Physical Culture?

‘Physical Culture’ is defined by the simple idea that sport is familial. Strength training, boxing, dancing, running - these are all physical cultures, individually and collectively. And just as you can belong to more than one family, you can belong to more than one physical culture.

Affiliation to one sport does not mean exclusivity. Physical culture is all encompassing. It’s a collective of all recreation. 

The goal with this video was to capture the nature of each physical culture: The preparation, the warm up, the execution, and the cool down. Even though our sports are unique, our human natures are similar. We are eccentric in our performance, yet cohesive in our process.


Physical Culture Threads started in 2014 with the same goal that it has today: cultivate a society where all types of sport can coexist and be celebrated. No cliques. No boundaries. Through our products, we hope to serve as a reminder that wellness can exist in many forms and that athleticism doesn't constitute loyalty to one sport. Who says you have to be a powerlifter or a runner? Be both.

Whether your sport ignites passion or it inspires boldness, we’re behind it. We believe that sport is core to an individual’s health and high spirits. When we share our love for sport, we become stronger as a community and more mindful and compassionate towards each other. That’s what brings our culture together.

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